Location: Nur-Sultan/ Kazakhstan
Build area: 5 010.00 m2
Year: 2022
The memorial complex is a silhouette of the moon, which gathered the steppe stones forming a unique formation. A closed circle with a large platform in the center for ritual events and from which there is a beautiful view of the picturesque lake.
The circle gives a comprehensive solution for the convenience of functional movement and sheltered from weather conditions such as wind or rain. The landscape of the park is formed around the dominant feature and flows smoothly through the complex like drops of water after rain, creating a dynamic and plastic environment.

Stone is used as the basic material for facades and paving landscapes. This solution gives us harmony and connection with nature. On the facades of except for stone also used a white gray glass in the form of bricks, which at night is lit.

The project developed by us is a modern architecture with a functional solution and historical heritage.