Location: Kazan / Tatar Republic
Build area: 28 121.04 m2
Year: 2022

The concept consists of four blocks of which three are prayer rooms for men and women.
The main block is the largest one, which is directed toward the qibla.


The small one will serve as the administration of the complex. There is also the tallest minaret of the complex with an observation tower in this block.

The architecture of the complex gives a different perception in different weather, that is, nature colors the architecture, and at night we still embellish the colorful illumination. It's all thanks to the white color of the facades that represents purity.

This is all thanks to the white color of the facades which represents purity. Also the circular glazing of the architecture lightens the monolithic volume also showing the transparency and openness of the religion of Islam. Geometric modern patterns emphasize and enhance the detailing of the volume without burdening it.

The first level at -8,000 on this level will be the park area, restaurants, rented space for the financial autonomy of the mosque.

At the level of -2,800 begins the second level of the master plan, which is tightly connected to the city. The solution at this level is organized so that either side of the complex can get to the mosque. Transport and pedestrian accessibility in all directions

Linking the present and the future

Decorative design of the mosque was inspired by the Volga Bulgars

By creating the right comfortable and safe space for young people, we are creating the right future for an entire nation.